Automate your wholesale business and offer dropshipping

The storelinkr platform makes it possible for dropshippers to purchase products from wholesalers to sell directly through their own webshop. We make an integration with the wholesalers and offer a portal for wholesalers. Automate and send orders on behalf of the dropshipper.

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Own wholesale portal - Our data links

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storelinkr wholesaler products overview in portal
Efficient export of the offer

Import products from your own environment

We take care of the technical connections during the start-up phase with your wholesaler. Together we look at the best data source for product information we will look for the best place to return orders to.

Live insight into all data

Overview via the storelinkr wholesale portal

Because we have a live link with your PIM system, we can keep the product information as best as possible. The dropshippers eventually read send the data through us again to transfer it to their own webshop. We can provide the dates efficiently because we also distribute the product information to the dropshippers. Through the portal you always have insight into all data and the option to obtain product information to edit further.

Link your orders via dropshipping

Automated receipt of orders

The affiliated dropshippers send their orders automatically through a storelinkr link. We can process these orders again via an integration transfer to the system you use within the wholesaler. The orders can are then immediately processed in your own fulfillment process.

Simple investment setup

No start-up costs, fixed monthly contribution

We work on a no-cure, no-pay basis during the start-up phase. We invest in the initial setup to connect your systems to storelinkr. To maintain all wholesale connections and to guarantee access to the services as much as possible, we ask a fixed monthly contribution for wholesalers. It is not important how many orders or products pass through the platform.