Ensure that products are automatically archived

If a product is no longer active in the import source, it is desirable to remove it as soon as possible may be automatically removed from your webshop. The product will then no longer be available and you don't want to have to cancel orders. We detect this and remove the product of your webshop.

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Efficient management of products

Automatic archiving of products

Prevent problems caused by automatically inactive products of yours delete the webshop. As soon as a product is no longer available in the import source, detect it and we archive it, so you don't have to cancel orders. After two synchronizations we automatically take these products offline, so that your range is always up to date.

Proactive removal

Automated taking of products offline

Our service ensures automatic removal of products that are no longer active in the import source. This prevents having to cancel orders. From two synchronizations onwards we automatically detect and take these products offline, which means: your webshop always has relevant and available products.

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