Automatically adjust the imported product image

Sometimes you want to present your products in a different way than your competitors, and that applies also for the photos. That is why it is possible for us to use certain product images automatically excluded from export to your webshop. You can also manually create your own add images to the link.

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Product image management

Automatically exclude specific images

With our solution you can determine which product images are or not be exported to your webshop. This way you retain control over how your products are processed are being presented. This offers the option to exclude certain images and at the same time manually adding your own images to the link, allowing you to create your create a unique presentation.

Flexible image order

Customizable product image order

We not only offer the option of specific exclude product images from export to your webshop, but also allows you to to adjust the order of the images. This gives you the freedom to do not only certain things select images, but also optimize the presentation of your products by Manage the order of the images according to your preference and needs.
Please note: This function is not supported by all CMS platforms.

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