Automatically determine product variants based on multiple products

With an automatic product link, we receive the product information piece by piece. We can automatically recognize and group almost all individual products based on the product information. This way you get a better shopping experience with variants.

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Efficiently identify variants

Automatic grouping of product variants

When collecting product information via our automatic product link, we recognize and group almost all individual products based on specific ones information. This method allows you to find related products, such as different sizes or colors, can be automatically linked and presented as coherent variants. This is how we create an improved shopping experience for your customers through easier navigation and clarity.

Improved product presentation

Optimized shopping experience with variants

Our systems automatically identify and group individuals products based on relevant information. By variants such as different sizes or By combining related products, we optimize the way you display them in your webshop presents. This results in a smooth and streamlined shopping experience, allowing customers can easily find and compare the right variant.

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