Connect CycleSoftware to WordPress / WooCommerce and automate your webshop

Import products from CycleSoftware and automatically update all data. It is also possible to synchronize orders from WordPress / WooCommerce.

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Automate within 5 minutes - No annual contract

1. Choose products

A workflow starts with reading products and categories.

2. Automate orders

You can then also automatically forward orders to CycleSoftware.

Create your first workflow with CycleSoftware

By using our easy platform, you get immediate access to the most advanced integrations. We work every day on better integration with CycleSoftware and WordPress / WooCommerce.

1. Import products from CycleSoftware

Easily integrate with CycleSoftware and we will automatically read the products and categories.


2. The data is processed securely

Before we create the products in WordPress / WooCommerce, we optimize all data. You can also create additional lines and overwrite the data.

3. We export the products to WordPress / WooCommerce

We synchronize all data to WordPress / WooCommerce at least 4 times a day. You can also start a manual synchronization yourself from our portal to update a product.

Optional: export orders from WordPress / WooCommerce to CycleSoftware

You can create an additional workflow with which we read orders from WordPress / WooCommerce and export them to CycleSoftware. This means you never have to retype data again, which can prevent many errors and save time!

1. We import the recent orders from WordPress / WooCommerce

We try to read orders as quickly as possible at WordPress / WooCommerce. This makes the processing time through the connection as short as possible.


2. The data is processed securely

Before we export the data to CycleSoftware, we store it securely. This intermediate step prevents us from exporting orders twice.

3. Export the orders automatically to CycleSoftware

As soon as the orders from WordPress / WooCommerce have been read, we transfer them to CycleSoftware as quickly as possible. We will also update the order(s) if a payment update has taken place.

How StoreLinkr works

We ensure seamless integration between CycleSoftware and WordPress / WooCommerce. No code is necessary. The integration can be online within minutes.

Why others use StoreLinkr

The data link works great and fast, stock is immediately adjusted whether something is sold in the store or webshop. The time you save depends on how much you sell, but you do no more manual stock correction. The connection saves on double sales or ordering more quantities than in stock.

Aster de Nil, Fietsen Aster

We are very satisfied with the data link between CycleSoftware and our website. It saves us a lot of time because we work with inventory management. Thanks to the connection, the stock in the webshop is always up to date.

Christian Schattevoet

We are satisfied with the connection. It saves us at least 2 hours a week. Once a bicycle has been sold, it will be removed from the internet so quickly that no more people will come for a bicycle that has already been sold.

Hulstein Fietsen, Patrick

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